Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, in the yoi position.
“I had the pleasure of training with Sensei Lushington for over 10 years along with my two sons. I HIGHLY recommend this Dojo, especially for your youngsters (ages ~6 and up). Besides the obvious self-defense, my boys learned so many more useful life skills; leadership, confidence, respect, focus and commitment to name a few. Sensei Lushington is FABULOUS with all ages. Don’t just drop your kids off…consider training with them, it’s a great way to bond with them and do something for yourself at the same time!”

– David C. | 2023 | Castro Valley

Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley.

“Sensei Lushington is a genuine master who has been practicing this style of karate for more than 40 years. He is an inspiring teacher with a passion for this martial art, which he is able to transmit to students of all ages and at all levels of practice and experience. I highly recommend this school.”

– Christine S. | 2023 | Richmond, CA

Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, train outside.
“I’ve attended Sensei Lushington Dojo for many years with my daughter. It’s truly a family friendly Dojo with other families. Having been involved in the Martial Arts for the past 45 years in different styles. I believe I found a sincere and focused Dojo. Sensi is extremely welcoming, knowledgable, and a true practitioner of the Art.”

– Miguel T. | 2023 | Castro Valley

Mountain Karate, Castro Valley students train in the dojo

“I’m 72yrs old and in the best shape ever since I’ve been training with sensei Mike Lushington, going on 14yrs. I’m 3rd degree black belt thanks to his training and knowledge. He has shown me how the mind can grow and mature with discipline, when it comes to self defense.”

– Steve B. | 2023 | Castro Valley

“Sensei Michael Lushington is top notch. Sensei shares his knowledge of Shorin Ryu Karate with students of all ages. This traditional Okinawan style offers great exercise, improves stamina, strength and mental conditioning. Learn self-defense, improve your health, gain some traditional knowledge and develop internal discipline. Give Mountain Dojo a shot and before you know it, you’ll be improving, having fun and getting in shape.”

– Bill K. | 2023 | Castro Valley

Student of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley shows their black belt.

“I’ve been a member of this club for 7 years. I started by signing up my 7-year-old daughter and after sitting through a couple of practices decided to join. It’s been an incredible journey of building physical fitness, space/situation awareness, speed of movement, flexibility, and mindfulness. I also enjoy building relationships with dojo mates, training staff, and karate practitioners everywhere. The practice challenges you to be mentally present in the now while ignoring things like sweat, muscle pain, etc as you push your body through pre-arranged movement sequences we call kata. It’s easy to get started and very gratifying to continually improve and move through the ranks. As a great Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The next best time is right now.”

– Alex O. | 2023 | Castro Valley

Michael Lushington and his student train in the Castro Valley Mountain Karate dojo.
“I have been training at this dojo on and off for about 4 years, it’s has been a life changing experience, mentally and physically! Highly recommend trying it out.”

– Nissim B. | 2023 | Berkeley, CA

Students of Mountain Karate Castro Valley

“My 10 year old daughter has taken karate from Sensei Lushington for 2 years. She has learned so much about the art and about herself.  Sensei Lushington pushes the student to learn in a supportive and confidence building manner.  He always takes the time to teach the student whether in or outside of class.  We would highly recommend Mountain Karate!”

– Lauren M. | 2023 | Castro Valley

Mountain Karate | Castro Valley, CA

Classes take place at Michael Lushington's home in Castro Valley.

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