Mountain Karate | Castro Valley

We offer classes for adults and children where we emphasize practicing karate for strength, mental focus, fun and enjoyment. We encourage the development of self-confidence and a positive attitude which is a natural by-product of proper karate training.

The style of karate we practice is Yamabayashi Shorin Ryu. Classes are taught at my home in Castro Valley, California and with our partner dojo, Mountain Karate, in North Carolina. 

Learn about Mountain Karate (North Carolina) here.

For more information please call us at: (925) 216-8344

I look forward to training with you.


Sensei Michael Lushington

Students of Mountain Karate Castro Valley

What Students Are Saying About Mountain Karate (Castro Valley)

Students training outdoors with Castro Valley Mountain Karate.

“I had the pleasure of training with Sensei Lushington for over 10 years along with my two sons. I HIGHLY recommend this Dojo, especially for your youngsters (ages ~6 and up). Besides the obvious self-defense, my boys learned so many more useful life skills; leadership, confidence, respect, focus and commitment to name a few. Sensei Lushington is FABULOUS with all ages. Don’t just drop your kids off…consider training with them, it’s a great way to bond with them and do something for yourself at the same time!”

– David C. | 2023

Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, train outside.
Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, receive their green belt.
Students of Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, in the yoi position.

Mountain Karate | Castro Valley, CA

Classes take place at Michael Lushington's home in Castro Valley.

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