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Sensei Michael Lushington

Michael Lushington began martial arts training in 1980. For the last 37 years he has been training exclusively in Okinawan karate and the last several years with Sensei Jeff Brooks of Mountain Karate in North Carolina. Sensei Lushington has been a teacher for over 32 years and has dedicated himself to bringing karate training to the Castro Valley area.

In addition to Karate practice, Michael Lushington is the Chief Executive Officer of Fourandhalf, Inc, a digital marketing firm operating here in the Bay Area and is a Certified Professional Project Manager.

Sensei Michael Lushington

Our Dojo

The Mountain Karate, Castro Valley dojo. Entrance is on the left.
The Mountain Karate, Castro Valley, dojo. The Japanese writing on the wall, loosely translated, means "Stop talking and Train."
The Mountain Karate, Castro Valley Dojo. Bows and images of Sensei Lushington's lineage of teachers.

Recommended Reading

True Karate Do by Jeffrey Brooks
The Good Fight by Jeffrey Brooks
The Rhinoceros Tale by Jeffrey Brooks


Julie Lushington Pilates

Julie Lushington Pilates

Julie Lushington teaches pilates out of her home in Castro Valley. Contact her for more information.

Students training at Mountain Karate (North Carolina)

Mountain Karate | North Carolina

Our partner dojo is Mountain Karate in North Carolina. Learn more about their practice here.

Mountain Karate | Castro Valley, CA

Classes take place at Michael Lushington's home in Castro Valley.

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